Davey Moore

A writer for children of all ages, Davey started his career with Ragdoll Productions before moving to BBC Worldwide for the publishing launch of Teletubbies. Following that, he joined the team behind the award-winning preschool series Balamory at BBC Scotland. Since then he has scripted programmes as varied as Puffin Rock, Octonauts, House of Anubis, Topsy & Tim, Pet Squad, The Furchester Hotel, Dennis & Gnasher, Mike the Knight, Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow, Boyster and Tree Fu Tom. In 2011, he was shortlisted for a WGGB Award for his work on Rastamouse.

Fresh from writing ten episodes of Adventures in Duckport (broadcasting in Autumn 2017), Davey is currently writing episodes of Claude for Disney Junior and is about to rejoin the writing team for Thomas & Friends for the sixth year running. Davey enjoys bringing other people's ideas to the screen. He was a Development Producer for Lime Pictures and has worked, independently, for many other clients including LEGO, Sprout and CBeebies.