Rob Phillips

Rob has been commissioned for his fifth episode of Hollyoaks since joining the show earlier this year, thus embarking on his ambition to write for continuing TV drama. During the last 18 months he has also been selected for the EastEnders Shadow Scheme, shortlisted for the Red Planet Prize, long-listed for the BBC Writersroom 'Scriptroom 10' and for the BBC Radio Drama Alfred Bradley Awards 2015/16. Rob was one of a small number of young, new writers to win a place on the EastEnders' E20 Writers School, and was subsequently invited to take part in the BBC Writers Academy Summer Story Course at Elstree.

Rob's own projects include a six-part returning drama series, The Cornermen, about the gangs that thrived in the slums of Liverpool in the 1860s; and Burglars, a six-part thriller about the unravelling lives of two common house burglars who get out of their depth. He has also written The Murder Club, a dark comedy drama series.

Rob's passion for drama began at school, where he gained a place on the Everyman Young Writers' Programme. He went on to take a degree in Scriptwriting for Film and Television at Bournemouth University.