Rossa McPhillips

A new, exciting, original voice, Rossa has been writing for many years. He's just completed a script for Big Finish's Dr Who. His TV original scripts include Amniyat, currently optioned by LA Productions (MI6 manipulate an NGO doctor to become their go-between in secret talks with terrorists in Somalia); His screenplay based on his experiences in Afghanistan, Checkpoint 54 has been optioned by a BAFTA Award-winning director. He has written episodes of the forthcoming series Killing the Cure and the pilot episode for E.L.E. Rossa has completed the film screenplay for One Christmas Night in a Toy Store, the 3rd in a series of films due for release in December 2020. He is adapting his e-book The Contact into a play to be staged at the Noel Coward Studio, Hampton Hill Playhouse March 2021.

Rossa specialises in police procedurals and spy thrillers. Contrapasso (a Russian spy is ordered to poison a defector in London, but uses the poison on his cheating wife); Stakeknife based on a true story (the IRA's internal security chief is revealed as a British spy). He also co-wrote The Circuit, looking on the encroachment of private security into matters normally handled by the police.

Rossa spent 10 years in British military intelligence and was awarded an MBE for his services in 2018. He also received a Superintendent's Commendation during the 2 years he spent subsequently in Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism.